About Us

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is not just a game, it is a passion that connects millions around the world. The CS:GO is a game-changer in the world of gaming, with its groundbreaking graphics and multiple ranking opportunities, the game has moved from being a conventional battle to a global battle. Countless CS enthusiasts are logging on every day and are combating the terrorists and are planning counter-terrorism moves.

So who are the people behind LuckySmurf.com?

We are a group of legally certified CS:GO fanatics that have developed this website to enable other similar CS:GO enthusiasts the privilege of playing at the level of their choice without struggling. Being one of the most widely played games on PC and Mac, we offer the vast gaming fan base of CS:GO an opportunity to move up the ranking ladder in a simple way. Simply buy CS:GO accounts from us and dive into the world of global warfare in a matter of minutes.

What do we offer at LuckySmurf.com?

We started as friends that were passionate about CS:GO and played it to quash our thirst for the game. After completing levels and moving up the ranking order, we realized how difficult it might be for fellow CS:GO gamers all around the world in completing the lower levels. Therefore, we made a decision and that was to help like-minded CS:GO gamers. Now we offer you the chance to buy CS:GO account at an affordable price from us. We will provide you with its login details and you can get going. Once you receive the smurf account details, you can enable the Steam Guard and change your details as per your choice.

Gaming has never been so easy so let us handle the difficult part while you enjoy any of the 18 ranks on display on our website. You can even contact us and we shall be grateful for helping you out.